oltreluce illuminare una cucina oltreluce illuminare una cucina

The kitchen is probably the area of the home that needs the most functional lighting, and it must be carefully studied. Having a sufficient light source is the first condition to be able to cook well and clean well... There are several actions  that take place  in a kitchen: food preparation, cooking, drink, conviviality; it is also an area where we meet up with friends and family, so the lighting should not only be functional but also pleasant and welcoming.

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That is why it is essential to have a flexible lighting system that adapts to various activities. The ideal is to have a general illumination of diffused lights, background light and then other targeted areas that need it. The ideal thing to do is to divide the kitchen into functional zones based on the activities that take place and distribute the recessed lighting with spotlights led lights, with different suspension lamps, strip led recessed lights. The working areas and food preparation areas require specific lights with spotlights or led lights, the important thing is that they provide a sufficient light. In general, all hoods have a recessed light fixture but this is not enough and must be supplemented with other lights on the side.

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These must be equipped with separate switches easy to reach. You can have  lights for a transition zone, the functional light for the preparation of  foods, one dedicated to the meal, and one soft light for  conversations. This solution obviously requires separate switches in different areas, allowing an ideal distribution of light saving energy. The same applies to the islands or peninsulas of work, that can be lit with suspension lamps with a beam of light directed only to the affected area. The lamp can also be a element of design, if the chosen lamp, has a particularly decorative effect so in addition to their basic function they are considered as well as interiors elements design.