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In the living room, the lights are also of aesthetic value. Well first of all it is good to illuminate different areas: the conversation, reading corner, TV, library, study corner. Different lights, maybe with different colors, can also define different environments within the same stay. Near the TV, it is good to have a floor lamp or table that softly illuminates the area, without, however, reflecting on the television (this would disturb the vision). A soft light helps not to get the glaring effect that the tv usually causes when watched in the darkness.

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The reading corner, as well as the study must have a direct and strong light, to allow you to read or work without fatigue: the ideal is a floor lamp for reading and a table lamp for studying, with 42w power and orientable diffuser. The libraries and pictures can be illuminated by special lights that make them stand out and give importance to the details you care. The conversation area should be equipped with atmospheric lighting, because they create an atmosphere of intimacy and relax. As for the general lighting of the stay must be at least 300 w throughout.